Today you're young, Too soon you're old...
hey...i've had the biggest crush on you for awhile! i don't go on here a lot. but please message me on my profile under the username "anonymousone1478". please don't get all weird. =)

How do I do that?

Who likes hookah?

Lazy Dayz Richmond has the best hookah in town. We also have the best selection in shisha (AF, Starbuzz, & Tangiers), glass pieces, water pipes, and hookahs for sale. 

We have everything you could ever want in a lounge or a head shop. 

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Love hookah?

Come on out to Lazy Days Richmond. We have amazing hookah! 

406 West Broad Street
Richmond VA, 23220 

You will always be my love at first sight.

I could never love another girl the way I loved you. No one will ever take my breath away with one look, no one will ever catch my eye the instant I walk into a room, no one will make me nervous the way you do by just walking by me out in public. 

It was you and only you who had my heart first. 

Im just sad I will never feel your love again.

Like hookah?

We got the best hookah in RVA. Come on down to lazy dayz and try some of our delicious mixes. :) you wont regret it!

406 West Broad Street